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How to Deposit
About deposit

If you wish to deposit strains or plasmids, please contact the YGRC by E-mail. (contactus-yeastshigen.info)

Initially, a Material Transfer Agreement (MTA) will be signed and exchanged, in which you will indicate your preferred terms for future distribution of provided materials. You will then be asked to send the materials and to provide as much background information as possible (i.e., restriction maps, details about mutant isolation or construction, etc.) in order to make the materials a useful resource for future users. In the case of large contributions, the YGRC will send technical personnel to your laboratory to facilitate the transfer of materials.

How to Deposit

1. Contact the YGRC by E-mail. (contactus-yeastshigen.info)

2. Sign and exchange MTA.

3. Send materials and provide information. You can ship the samples by COD (cash on delivery).

Benefits of Depositing

1. Save time and money for preparing and distributing your resources.

2. Back up your resources for free.

3. Increase citations for publications associated with your resources.

4. Track orders for your resources.

5. Release your resources after publication.

6. Set terms for the distribution.