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A protocol for S. cerevisiae genome editing with a series of simple-to-use CRISPR-SpCas9/SaCas9/AsCas12a vectors(BYP9733-9770, BY9805-9817) (Okada et al., 2021) was provided by Dr. S. Okada (Kyusyu University, Japan).

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2023/05/09 S. cerevisiae BY4741 Δadh1 strain (BY29295) ( Utsumi et al. (2023) ) that is not included in the commercially available yeast KO strain collection has been deposited by Dr. N. Miura (Osaka Metropolitan University, Japan) and is now available on request.
2023/05/08 S. pombe chromosome-related strains deposited by Dr. Y. Chikashige (NICT, Japan) ((FY41101-41248, FY41327, Chikashige et al., 2004, 2006, 2007, 2009, 2014, 2017) (FY41249-41301, Yamamoto et al. (2019)) are now available on request.
2023/4/17 S. cerevisiae YEp plasmids (BYP9966-9967) for the expression of mitochondria-targeted GFP, that was used in Okamoto et al. (2016) and Ishikawa et al. (2022) , have been deposited by Dr. I. Miyakawa (Yamaguchi University, Japan) and Dr. S. Izawa (Kyoto Institute of Technology, Japan), and are now available on request.
2023/4/12 S. cerevisiae 25 YIp plasmids (BYP9941-9965) for the expression of GFP-, mRFP- or FLAG-tagged Rpn1, Rpn7, Pre6, Hsp60, Hsp78, Ssc1, Ilv2, Kgd1, Aco1, Fes1, Sis1, Ssa1, Ssa3 and Lsg1, that were used in Nguyet et al. (2022) , Ishikawa et al. (2022) and Yoshida et al. (2021) , have been deposited by Dr. S. Izawa (Kyoto Institute of Technology, Japan) and are now available on request.
2023/03/22 S. pombe tubulin-related plasmids ( FYP5207-FYP5208) used in Murase et al., (2022) deposited by Dr. Sato (Waseda University, Japan) are now available on request.

Fission yeast (Schizosaccharomyces pombe)
Budding yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae)
Strain   (2023/05/08) 16638
 - Strain set order   (2020/08/18)  
Plasmids   (2023/03/22) 1507
Library   (2015/10/25) 6
Genomic DNA 0
cDNA 1580
Genome DNA Clones 59057

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Schizosaccharomyces japonicus
(National Institute of Genetics)
Strain   (2023/05/09) 14267
Plasmids   (2023/05/24) 6834
Library   (2019/11/18) 2
Genomic DNA   (2021/02/01) 4
About Nomura Collection 1637
gTOW6000 5805
Genome DNA Clones   1003

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Electron microscope images of S. cerevisiae and S. pombe were provided by Dr. M. Osumi, Integrated Imaging Research Support.
Fluorescence microscope image of S. cerevisiae was provided by Dr. Y. Ohya, University of Tokyo.
Fluorescence microscope image of S. pombe was provided by Dr. C. Shimoda, Osaka Metropolitan University.